Nina García event!!!

Yesterday’s outfit for the event with Nina García. Black and white, were my choises and my outfit looked super cool!!! Wearing my Manolo’s that I absolutely love, dress by Michelle Torres, a spiky headband, mustache ring, and my Birkin bag. It was so fun!!!!

SPANISH: Mi outfit de ayer para el evento con Nina García. Negro y blanco fue la elección para el atuendo y se veía demasiado cool!!! Mis Manolos que amo con locura, mi vestido by Michelle Torres, banda para el pelo con picos, anillo de bigote y mi Birkin. Estuvo muy divertido!!!!

20120522-123925 p.m..jpg

20120522-124415 p.m..jpg

20120522-125111 p.m..jpg

20120522-022117 p.m..jpg

20120522-022217 p.m..jpg

20120522-040236 p.m..jpg

20120522-022154 p.m..jpg

20120522-040251 p.m..jpg

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Bag: Hermes

XO, Chantal


4 thoughts on “Nina García event!!!

  1. Wow!! I believe that todays page is the best of all since the blog opened. So nice the dresses that today both of the sisters wore. Congrats!! Keepon with the nice work.

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