Today’s basic outfit…

Today I have to work all day long, so I voted for a light and simple outfit. My comfy and super nice brown pants (more colors available in our showroorm) a pastel yellow vest top, shinny gold shoes, a neon orange arrow necklace, an animal print bracelet, spiky belt and my classic LV bag. Lets do this!!

SPANISH: Hoy es un día de extremo trabajo por eso decidí ponerme algo ligero y sencillo. Mis pantalones cafés tipo leggings (los tenemos en el showroom en mas colores), camiseta amarillo pastel, zapatos dorados,cinturón con picos, pulcera de leopardo y mi bolsa classica LV. Manos a la obra!!!!






Pants: Holly Land
Shoes: Forever21
Necklace: ASOS
Bag: LV
Belt: Steve Madden

XO, Chantal


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