My old white shoes were just about to be thrown away, when I suddenly thought about this new creative idea. I had all this nail polishes (try to use unexpensive ones) and I started to paint my shoes in an artistic way without following any pattern and they ended up being just perfect for this season.


1) All you need is some of your nail polishes, and a pair of shoes you don’t like anymore, or maybe some white ones that you want to design in an original way.
2) Feel free to use as much colors as you want and enjoy your Picasso moment!!!!
3) Let them dry and apply a little hair spray at the end

Now you’re ready to rock your new pair of shoes!!!

SPANISH: Estos zapatos blancos estaban apunto de aterrizar en la basura, pero se me ocurrió una idea creativa. Tenía miles de barnices de uñas (use los accesibles) y empece a pintar los zapatos de manera artística sin seguir ningún patrón y terminaron quedando padrísimos e ideales para esta temporada!!!


1) Solo necesitas tus barnices de uñas y unos zapatos ya sea que no te gusten tanto, o unos blancos que tengas que quieras darle un giro completo y original.
2) Siéntete libre de usar todos los flores que quieras y disfruta tu momento Picasso.
3) Déjalos secar y al final dales una roceadita de spray de pelo.

Ya estas lista para rockear tu nuevo par de zapatos!!!








Pants: Showroom ( available in more pastel colors)
T-Shirt: H&M
Denim shirt: ZARA
Shoes: now, Chanta Torres hahaha
Necklace: d’ LOVE
Ring: d’ LOVE

XO, Chantal

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