Flowered Pashmina

There are many ways to wear a pashmina, and there is no rule in how to do it, so we have the opportunity to create our own way of using it. Who does’t have in her closet at least ONE pashmina? They can help us to create a different and chic look in a second. It can definitely give us a touch of glamor!! There are an infinite number of possible combinations, that simply by changing the color, or choosing a diferent pattern, we can have a completely different look.

SPANISH:: Existen muchas formas para usar pashminas, ni siquiera están inventadas todas, nosotras tenemos la oportunidad de crear nuestra propia forma de usarla. Quien no tiene en su closet al menos una pashmina. Ellas nos ayudan a lograr un look diferente y chic . Una pashmina te puede dar un toque de glamour. Hay una infinidad de combinaciones posibles que con tan solo cambiar el color, o eligiendo una con estampado, puedes tener un look completamente diferente.








Pashmina: ZARA
Shoes: LA boutique
Bag: Vintage
Pants: ZARA

With love,


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