Dress Code “Jeans for any occasion”

We all love to wear jeans! They are classic, timeless, comfortable and can be worn on any occasion.
Let me show you three different looks, with different kinds of jeans.

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This is a perfect look to wear during the day! These kind of jeans are recommended for all types of bodies, cause they are tall enough to hide our tummy. I personaly like these ones, with a degraded effect and also they’re very fashionable, so you will see them a lot. In case you can’t find them, don’t worry cause soon I’ll show you how to design your own pair. I found this squared shirt and tied it up to my waist, I’m wearing a tank top underneath, but if you want to show a little skin, dont wear it. I chose this big yellow bag and matching yellow pointed shoes, with a bunch of colorful bracelets. I’m ready to go for a walk, to have an ice cream, go to the movies, or any activity during the day.

This is a great option too! It is very casual, just a classic pair of jeans, but now they have a boot cut, which is perfect for people who have wide hips and big thighs,cause this cut helps your legs to look lager and thinner. I wore a white shirt, a fancy vest, perfect for fall-winter and these comfy shoes, perfect for a busy day. My classic bag and just a golden bracelet and a golden ring to keep it simple. With this outfit, I can perfectly go to have lunch with my friends.

This is the final look with super skinny jeans, that are recomended only if you have thin legs. They have a dark color, which is perfect for the night. My look was simple but still elegant; a basic tee, black heels, black side bag and the shinny part, my beaded jacket. I can wear this outfit to go to have dinner with my boyfriend or my friends, for a party or any casual event during the night.

Well, I hope you liked my looks today, don’t miss my new video, cause I have a surprise for you!! Have a nice weekend!!

SPANISH: Ya esta listo mi nuevo video, con jeans para diferentes tipos de cuerpos y diferentes ocasiones. Espero les guste!

Den click aqui para verlo.

Degraded jeans:

Jeans: ZARA
Shirt: ZARA
Bracelets: Asos
Shoes: ZARA

Boot cut jeans:

Jeans: Seven
Shirt: ZARA
Vest: ZARA
Shoes: H&M
Acceossories: Asos
Bag: LV

Skinny jeans:

Jeans: Gap
T-shirt: H&M
Jacket: ZARA
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

XOXO, Chantal


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