Yesterday, my sister and I went to H&M’s showroom to see the new collection of MARGIELA for H&M . We had a great time trying on everything! Each one of us,chose our favorite items of this collection and we took some pictures, to show them to you. These were mine!!
MARGIRLA’s collection for H&M goes on sale on November 15th, so stay tuned 😉

SPANISH: Ayer fui con mi hermana al showroom de H&M para conocer la nueva colección de MARGIELA para H&M y nos la pasamos súper probandonos todo!! Cada una nos sacamos fotos con nuestras prendas favoritas de esta colección . Estas fueron las mías!!
La colección de MARGIELA para H&M sale a la venta el día 15 de Noviembre, así que estén pendientes 😉







Dress: MARGIELA for H&M
Clutch: MARGIELA for H&M
Necklaces: MARGIELA for H&M

With love,


12 thoughts on “MARGIELA for H&M

      • Oh are you sure? I’m thinking you couldnt possibly be a size 6 because you’re too thin! I’m thinking you’re a 2!? What was on the label, 26? It’s the first time I’ve heard of that sizing for h&m. Usually 1 number only like 2,4,6 and so on 🙂

      • You’re absolutely right!! I just asked about the size and it’s size 4 cause I’m a 2 actually, but here at the H&M’s Showroom there is a bassic size which is size 4. It fits me perfectly!! Here in México is very common to see 24, 25 and so on, also in Spain 36,37, …. but you where right about the size! Thanks a lot! 🙂

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