Showering Otto

A perfect day at the ranch; I woke up, I had a delicious breakfast, I went horseback riding and later, I showered this beautiful black great dane, called Otto. I’m crazy about this dog, he is so lovely! The day was pretty awesome, so I wore some shorts, a denim shirt and my Barbie style rain boots. I love these vintage sunnies!! They give that “cool” final touch, to my whole look today.

SPANISH: Un día perfecto en el rancho; me desperté, desayuné delicioso, fui a montar un rato y al regresar, bañé a estar hermoso gran danés negro, llamado Otto. Este perro me trae loca jajaja, es lo más cariñoso del mundo!! El día esta maravilloso, por lo que pude usar unos shorts, camisa de jeans y botas estilo Barbie, de agua. Amo estos lentes vintage!! Le dan ese toque “cool” final, a todo mi look de hoy.

20130203-101734 a.m..jpg20130203-101744 a.m..jpg20130203-101750 a.m..jpg20130203-101759 a.m..jpg20130203-101805 a.m..jpg20130203-101812 a.m..jpg20130203-101818 a.m..jpg20130203-101824 a.m..jpg20130203-101908 a.m..jpg

20130203-101943 a.m..jpg

20130203-101956 a.m..jpg

20130203-102004 a.m..jpg

Shorts: Pull & Bear
Shirt: ZARA
Rain boots: From Barcelona
Bracelets: ASOS/Mango
Sunnies: Vintage

Xoxo, Chantal


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